The Regimen to a Younger-Looking  Future

As if UV exposure wasn't bad enough, research shows that High Energy Visible Light (HEV) causes more damage to the skin than UVA and UVB combined. Additionally, pollution caused by exhaust fumes, smoke, smog, chemicals in the air can affect our skin, likely causing premature aging, discoloration and loss of elasticity. Thankfully these medical-grade products provide the ultimate protection against these aggressors for a more youthful appearance.


Hyaluronic DB Serum

Firming serum instantly quenches skin for intense 24-hour moisture. Provides 360° antioxidant protection from visible signs of aging caused by environmental and digital pollution, UV radiation, and screen-emitted HEV / blue light. Formulated with hydrating AcquaCell, snow mushroom extract, and hyaluronic acid.


Eye Gel Benefits Advance

Hydrating gel with peptides and Tara tree extract firms and brightens eye contour. Antioxidant Lipochroman® protects from environmental aging. Chromabright® decreases the appearance of uneven pigment and age spots while providing UVA. UVB and HEV / blue light protection.


All In One Extreme SPF40

Hydrating tinted sunscreen for broad-spectrum defense against UVA/UVB rays and HEV / blue light. Potent antioxidant Lipochroman® and detoxifying botanicals reduce the appearance of lines, dark spots, and other signs of photoaging, while peptides firm skin appearance.


DB Ultra Lips

Cranberry-flavored protective and rejuvenating balm provides immediate and longterm lip plumping and coats lips with the strongest antioxidant available. Infuses in Vitamin B and firming peptides and protects lip skin from harmful environmental toxins that cause lip thinning, wrinkling and loss of color.

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O2 DB Revitalizing

Hydrating mask with Vitacell® enhances skin vibrancy and firmness. Provides instant and long-term improvement. Excellent hydration for post procedure, air travel, and mature and hormonal skin.

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DB Lavender Air

Hydrating milk cleanser with lavender essential oil, aloe, and vitamin E. Gently removes makeup and impurities.

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